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Management by objective is a systematic approach that businesses of all sizes can utilize. With this, managers are able to focus on achievable goals and expect the best results from employees. Owners and managers tend to overlook the necessity to plan and control the business from a holistic perspective. Goal setting makes it easy for them to make businesses even more successful. Moreover, there is management by objectives software available today that can help executives set goals, monitor progress and evaluate everything.

There are five SMART characteristics for effective goals and objectives.


Goals should always be specific no matter what size the business is. They should come with desired results. One good example is to improve employee performance with monthly bonuses and the use of tracking systems.


It is important for goals to be clear, precise and measurable. Owners and managers should make sure that they will be able to identify whether the goals set have been met.

Achievable and Agreeable

Managers and owners should get goals that they know they have the capacity and resources to reach. In addition, these goals should be clear and agreeable for people involved.


Goals should make everyone in the workforce motivated. They should believe that they can meet these objectives so that they will work hard. Employees tend to get discouraged when they think they are working for something that they can never achieve no matter what they do.

Time Specific

Managers and owners should set goals with a specific timeframe. They should identify how much time they will need so they can plan accordingly.

How Management by Objectives Software can Help Meet SMART Goals

MBO software can create a big difference in any business or organization. This is because of the incomparable features that can eliminate the redundancies and hassles that come with project and employee management. MBO software allows owners and managers to track daily tasks. This makes it easy for them to monitor employee attendance and performance. With this, they can designate tasks well and see how employees deal with them.
In addition, MBO software offers easy to use calendar appointments so that executives never miss important meetings with partners. All these may seem like basic features, but they can actually be integrated to coordinate and manage any process. This means there is no longer a need for separate applications for these basic features.

Goal-based software improves a company or an individual’s management skills for both corporate and personal matters. The software allows owners and managers to increase their visibility at any time. They are able to keep up with the latest projects without having to be at the work site all the time.

Good MBO software offers project management tools that help owners define their projects and set goals using a friendly interface. With this, everyone involved in every project keeps moving with the same goal in mind. MBO software also features tools that give people clear deadlines and responsibilities. Using this allows team members to determine what they should do next. Monitoring occurs in real time, and reports supplied are up to date.

With good MBO software, owners, managers and employees can see how the project is going as it moves closer to overall goals. Management by objectives software can help businesses improve coordination and feedback loops. Tools are readily available for less time consuming and more effective communication. Most importantly, MBO software allows businesses to improve their overall performance and focus on visible priorities. It’s about time for business owners to get an edge with MBO software.

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Momentum · Agile Goal & Performance Management

The smartest way to set and track employee goals.
Try it free today.